OTX Studio

OTX Studio is a tool for creating, implementing and debugging diagnostic and test sequences (based on the ISO 13209 standard). With a special GUI editor, it is easy to generate graphic user interfaces and link them to the sequences created. Diagnostic data is supported in compliance with ODX V2.0.1 and V2.2.0.

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All-in-one development environment for vehicle diagnostics sequences

OTX Studio.
All-in-one development environment for vehicle diagnostics sequences
according to the Standard ISO 13209.

Area of application

  • Graphic specification of diagnostic sequences
  • Creation of test sequences in ECU development
  • Test sequences with user interface for EOL testers in manufacturing
  • Guided fault search for repair shop testers
  • Suitable for both programmers and pure diagnostic users
  • Engineering, testing, manufactoring, after-sales service
  • Flash programming, coding, testing


  • Convenient specification and creation of diagnostic sequences in one tool without in-depth programming knowledge
  • Simple exchangeability of sequences between ECU, system and vehicle manufacturers
  • Universal implementation as the full function scope of OTX is available
  • Storage of OTX scripts in binary format hinders unauthorized modifications and protects expertise
  • Long-term protection of investments thanks to the implementation of an international standard
  • Different views for programming experts and diagnostic users without programming knowledge

Specifying and implementing diagnostic sequences

The new OTX (Open Test sequence eXchange) standard compliant with ISO 13209 enables users to describe diagnostic sequences from basic function tests up to complete tester applications. OTX Studio provides support in the early specification phase as well as in downstream implementation. The tool makes it easy to create graphic diagrams with a clear representation of the sequence logic. The integrated OTX Differ allows easy comparing and merging of sequences in different development stages.

Suitable for both first-time users and experience developers

OTX Studio provides all the necessary input assistants which guide the user when learning to use the product. IntelliSense allows users to create sequences without having in-depth knowledge of the OTX language elements. Comprehensive project administration with integrated version management for subversions ensures structured overviews even in large projects. The library concept that many users are familiar with from standard programming languages supports users in the modular creation of their diagnostic OTX sequences.

From flash sequence to repair shop tester

Typical areas of application are, for example, the creation of flash or test sequences. Particularly test planners for complete repair shop testers benefit from the variety of integrated tools. The GUI editor allows the designing of the entire test interface as well as the simple connection of the GUI elements to the corresponding OTX script variables. OTX function libraries can be defined to allow reuse of generic OTX procedures. There is no limitation to the number of these libraries. Program developers for guided fault diagnosis on the vehicle use the foreign language editor, the document viewer and browser for repair instructions and technical drawings. The full debugging possibilities are indispensable for all users.

User and use-case-related creation views

In the life cycle of a vehicle, from planning through engineering, testing, manufacture and after-sales service, there are all kinds of users, for example diagnostic specialist, testing specialist test engineers and repair shop technicians. Each of these groups has its own tasks, knowledge and requirements regarding the drafting and use of diagnostic sequences. These tarks and tool requirements have to be covered appropriately in their entirety in one development enviroment. The flexible creation concept of OTX Studio from Softing targets exactly this issue.

OTX Studio - Softing Automotive

Different views for programming experts and diagnostic users

Specification Mode

Vehicle experts sketch the diagnostic flows with the Flowchart Editor and OTX programmers' fill-in the necessary OTX code. With this approach, a specification of a diagnostic session can be created without any programming knoledge.

Expert mode

OTX programmers develop pure OTX code and library functions with fast access to all OTX language elements.

Comfort mode

Vehicle experts create sequnces as modules in wich they can access libraries predefined by experts or create the OTX code with wizards. Report function and error handling can be configured with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Template mode

Authors for ECU validation, guided fault search (GFS) and measurement values readout combine completed templates to form complete sequences with intelligent branching.

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OTX studio - Vehicle diagnostic sequences

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